Help Tibet works in partnership with the exiled Tibetan community in India and Nepal.

Over the years we have tackled the basic problems, such as clean water and sanitation in the settlements, and in recent years we have been able to move towards enabling the Tibetan community in exile to be self sufficient through community business enterprises and youth training.

As a general rule, the settlements and villages we work with contribute a small percentage of the cost of each project as well as providing any unskilled labour required, thereby giving them a stake in the sustainability of the project.

Below you'll find some examples of the sort of projects we undertake.

Care of the old and vulnerable

Residents at Thonden Ling Old People's Home

Thonden Ling is the first project with old people undertaken by us. It was the first old people's home to be built in Nepal and can house up to 38 residents. Following this a home for 60 residents was built in Jampaling Camp. Building on our experience a third home was built in India using environmentally friendly methods. The three homes are all at the centre of their communities.

We also give financial support to a substantial number of old people, many living in high mountainous areas, to enable them to remain in their own homes.

A regular stipend allows this old lady to remain in her own home in Tashi Ling camp, Nepal.

Business opportunities

The noodle factory which is run from Paljorling camp is a success story and a great example of business enterprise.

The noodle factory at Palorling camp, Nepal

Seeing the demand for noodles in the community, HelpTibet suggested that this factory was set up. We paid for the necessary equipment and initial training. Since then the factory has doubled in size and been able to employ more workers. It supplies the local community - not only Tibetan but also Nepalese. Riding on the success of this, another factory has recently been set up in Jampaling providing work for more families.


We have programmes to modernise kindergartens and primary schools. Our work includes staff training, maintenance of and improvements to facilities, as well as the provision of new equipment. Our aim is to create a lively and imaginative environment where children will receive an excellent foundation for future education.


Having fun!

Using the skills of expert volunteers we have been able to offer training courses for teaching staff and library coordinators.

All these programmes are ongoing and budgets are put in place once projects are completed to continue improvement.

Alternative energy

Energy is a long standing problem for the whole community and Help Tibet has sought to combat energy shortages through the provision of solar lighting; this might be in the form of interior or street lighting. Other solar alternatives have been found to pump water and, especially in smaller communities, solar cookers have proved an effective and efficient way to heat the large amounts of water needed for everyday cooking.

Solar street light, Kollegal Settlement, South India

Supporting Tibetan refugees for more than 25 years



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Money Well Spent:

68p pays for everything an old person in our home needs for a day, including all medical fees and funerals.
£130 a year pays for the book budget for a primary school library so that new titles can be sourced every month.
£280 funds a solar streetlight in a rural Tibetan community and protects residents from the wild animals that live in the jungle right next door to the villages.

Our running costs are tiny, so every penny you give can make a difference: our staff in the UK all work pro bono.